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Part-Time Payroll Clerk

Newport Beach, CA

Position Overview:

CoreTech Leasing is seeking a diligent and detail-oriented individual to join our Treasury team as a Part-Time Payroll Clerk. As a Payroll Clerk, you will play a vital role in ensuring accurate and timely processing of employee payroll, supporting the financial well-being of our organization and its employees. This part-time position offers flexibility in working hours, making it an excellent
opportunity for individuals seeking work-life balance.

Key Responsibilities 

  • Payroll Processing: Execute payroll procedures by gathering, verifying, and entering employee data such as hours worked, overtime, commissions, bonuses, and other relevant information into the payroll system accurately and efficiently.

  • Timekeeping and Attendance: Monitor and manage employee attendance records, including tracking and addressing any discrepancies or issues that may arise.

  • Payroll Deductions and Benefits: Calculate and process payroll deductions, including taxes, insurance premiums, retirement contributions, and other benefit-related items, ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

  • Payroll Reconciliation: Perform regular audits and reconciliations of payroll data to maintain accuracy and resolve any discrepancies promptly.

  • Record-Keeping: Maintain and update employee records, ensuring confidentiality and security of sensitive payroll information.

  • Documentation and Reporting: Prepare payroll reports, summaries, and relate documentation as required, including tax filings, employee earnings statements, and management reports.

  • Compliance and Legislation: Stay updated with federal, state, and local payroll laws, regulations, and best practices, and ensure adherence to relevant standards in all payroll processes.

  • Customer Service: Address employee inquiries related to payroll, taxes, benefits, and deductions in a timely and professional manner, providing exceptional customer service and fostering positive employee relations.

  • Continuous Improvement: Identify opportunities for streamlining payroll processes, enhancing system functionality, and improving overall efficiency and accuracy.


  • High school diploma or equivalent; additional coursework or certifications in accounting, finance, or payroll administration are a plus.

  • Previous experience in payroll administration, preferably in a similar part-time capacity, is highly desirable.

  • Proficiency in using payroll software and tools to process and manage payroll functions effectively. Experience with popular payroll systems like Rippling, Paychex, or similar is preferred.

  • Strong mathematical aptitude and attention to detail to ensure accuracy in payroll calculations and data entry.

  • Familiarity with relevant payroll laws, regulations, and compliance requirements.

  • Excellent organizational and time management skills to handle multiple tasks and meet deadlines efficiently.

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills to effectively interact with employees and respond to inquiries.

  • Proficiency in using Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel) and other relevant software applications.

Join our team as a Part-Time Payroll Clerk, and contribute to the smooth and accurate processing of employee payroll, ensuring their financial well-being and organizational success. Apply today and be part of a dynamic and supportive work environment!

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