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5 Lease & Finance Options To Help Conserve Capital

Law firms are rising to the challenges laid upon them, but since 100% clarity on the future isn’t a given, they need to do so with financial flexibility and conservation of capital for future unidentified projects and circumstances. These realities align with the benefits of leasing and financing—and this is exactly what we are helping our law firm clients with right now, regardless of size, geographic presence, or practice specialty.

Below are five lease and finance benefits that help law firms.

1. Leverage Leasing and Financing to Improve Liquidity

Firms are leveraging leasing and financing options as the go-to strategy for firms to manage unbudgeted costs of laptops, desktops, and any variety of assets.

To learn more, read Barry Steel’s latest article in Thomson Reuters Elite’s Forefront here. To download a PDF of the full article, click here.


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