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Adapting Your Talent Strategy to Evolving Hiring Trends

As the post COVID-19 world continues to take shape, one thing is certain: the employment landscape looks much different than it did just a year ago. If you’re prepared to adopt new strategies that can help navigate this period of economic downturn and keep your workforce strong - now's your chance! Investing in new hiring tactics this year could be what helps set you apart from competitors when rebuilding and creating your workplace culture for the future. Here are the top three hiring trends we're keeping our eye on: 1. Remote Did you think remote work was going anywhere? Adapting to a remote work environment has empowered talent with the opportunity for meaningful jobs and more flexible hours that fit their desired lifestyle. According to The American Opportunity Survey featured on McKinsey & Company, when people have the chance to work flexibly, 87 percent of them take it. That said, when given a choice, candidates are more likely to choose a job that offers flexibility and remote work. 2. Recruitment goes digital Tech promises to revolutionize the recruitment process and drastically reduce time spent on screening. In fact, video interviews enable companies to cut an average 3-week period of evaluation down to a mere 48 hours! Proving to be one of the most effective tools available for modern recruiting, operations will become more seamless and efficient and less labor-intensive. This is a time to shift hiring approaches to be more data-driven and analytical leveraging strategic metrics to support hiring efforts rather than relying on antiquated HR methods to bolster talent strategies.

3. Queue Gen-Z Generation Z is entering the workforce with a new set of ideas about what they want from employers. Being digitally savvy and open to global opportunities makes them more demanding than ever before - expecting companies to provide meaningful work with flexible arrangements that meet their personal values systems.

What does this all mean for the hiring process? Fostering employee experience, employer branding efforts as well as being honest when it comes rewards system transparency is a good place to start. –– Recruiting companies can take advantage of equipment finance to access the necessary financial resources for the acquisition and operation of essential business assets they need to keep up with the evolving labor market. Equipment finance enables businesses to acquire new or used assets without needing to make a large upfront payment. This option can be particularly beneficial for recruiting companies, as it allows them to manage their cash flow and obtain necessary assets without having to deplete their working capital.

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