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Rebrand Case Study: CoreTech Leasing

At the inception of CoreTech Leasing in 2008, the brand name was created by combining two words: the word core to symbolize a center of gravity (or a foundation) and the word tech as a nod to the company's focus on technology leasing. Put it all together and you now have context to our name, CoreTech Leasing. Since 2008, a lot has happened. We have grown quite significantly over the years and it's because of that growth that we decided it was time to refresh our visual identity to reflect our company's success and to bring forward our logo design into alignment with our customers, our services, our people, and our future. So, before we dive into the rebrand, let's start from the beginning: our original look.

Old Logo

We walked you through how we got our name. As you can see, the design is what brings it to life. Today, this design is antiquated and it no longer represents our company effectively. To put it simply: we outgrew our brand. For the rebrand, these were some of the things we had to take into consideration. Because we outgrew the original design, we had to first identify what grew? what changed? how are we different now?

The new logo had to reflect our service expansion (no longer primarily serving tech). It had to communicate our brand principles and staples in the customer experience such as simplicity and unbiased transparency.


New Logo

The new logo system was inspired by the people and the quality of the CoreTech team. A team of good people with high moral character that has had a continued impression on the design process. There are four main elements to our new logo system: First, the square block is a symbol of trust and stability. Second, the circle is a representation of our out-of-the-box identity. It is also a shape in movement, emphasizing a forward thinking motion. Third, the circle is transparent so you can see the shape of trust and stability behind it. And fourth, the new color palette is friendlier and approachable which reflects the nature of the relationships we have with our clients.

Throughout this rebrand project, the future has been top of mind. It's no secret that when designing a brand, you must stand it up against the test of time to ensure that it is future proof. The new brand pays homage to its original roots and plants a direction for sustainable, forward growth.


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