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Special Announcement: Protect Your Access to Your Money with CoreTech

No one likes surprises when it comes to money and livelihood. We know that the ripple effect of recent bank failures has created an environment of worry and stress for many middle-market companies. The good news is with CoreTech, your ability to access the funding you need and to keep operations up and running with peace of mind is unaffected by the current state of uncertainty.

As more and more businesses grow wary of their banking relationships, we are assisting clients by making available new funding sources to diversify from their existing bank/banks or other funding sources. We are here for you to help you remain secure and grow instead of retract.

We are independent and work with multiple industry leading national, regional and local banks that know how law firms and other specialty markets operate, so firms and companies can diversify and mitigate financial known or unknown banking constraints. We can also work with new banks to provide you new sources of capital or can offer to work with your existing banks that you would like to provide the opportunity to get more of your business.

Many businesses have learned the hard way that all it takes is a new bank policy or a change in the credit formula to upend business as usual. We are doing everything we can to help companies to safeguard themselves from the element of surprise by removing operational vulnerabilities with reliable funding sources. While it's not entirely clear how many more dominoes may fall or what the government will do to sustain them, now is the time to be proactive and insulate your organization from any further fallout.

Have any questions? For more information on how we are helping, please email us at We are eager to help your business access the capital you need and provide reassurance through quality service.


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