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A Cautionary Tale of Digital Agreements and Electronic Signatures

Leasing and financing the equipment your company needs is an effective way to grow your business. What’s not effective is losing capital on gotcha clauses in lease contracts where hidden language can lock you into paying much more than you should.

To help companies navigate contract pitfalls, we oftentimes will offer to take a look at their current lease agreements to provide clarity in areas that are otherwise gray. Our lease cost analyzer provides an agreement analysis to reveal overcharges, unjust fees, impossible conditions, onerous clauses, and automatic extensions. And you'd be surprised just how much of that we see.

While the benefits of convenience for electronic agreements and electronic signatures are clear, the risks of signing a document electronically can vary depending on the type of document being signed and other factors. Generally, there are some common risks associated with electronic signatures that should be kept in mind when you are in the early stages of conducting new business.

For example, if the person signing an electronic document does not have an understanding of how to use digital signatures properly, they may sign without reading the entire agreement or without understanding what is contained within it. This can lead to disputes down the line as one party may claim that they did not know or understand certain provisions included in the agreement.

Likewise, when signatures are used electronically there is always a risk that someone could access confidential information contained within the documents. If this happens it could result in serious legal liability for both parties involved in the agreement. If the system used to collect digital signatures is not secure there is a risk that someone could intercept or alter the data before it reaches its intended recipient. This could lead to serious issues and conflict between both parties involved in the agreement.

While electronic signatures can be efficient tools for signing documents, they come with certain risks that must be accounted for. It is important for anyone using an electronic signature to understand these risks so they can make sure their agreements are properly secured and protected from any potential issues that may arise down the line. It is also necessary to verify the identity of the other party involved and ensure that they are actually signing the document. This will help protect both parties from any potential fraud or disputes that may arise in the future. By taking these steps, you can help ensure that your agreement is properly signed off and secure.

At no cost, no risk, and no obligation, our lease cost analyzer evaluates existing leases to minimize damage and future proposals to spot misleading contracts. In just 15 min, we can help you understand the lease process and get the equipment lease you need at fair and honest price. Contact us today at to discover how we can put CoreTech's lease cost analyzer on your side.


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