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Important Healthcare Technology Trends in 2021 You Can’t Ignore

The healthcare industry is integrating technological advancements at an exceptional pace. Healthcare has the potential to advance healthcare to the top by making it more available, enhancing interoperability and lowering the total expense of healthcare delivery by creating a further efficient and data driven system.

Here’s what we can expect as the emerging healthcare technology trends 2021 and the future applications of these technologies in the days to come.

Trend #1: Telemedicine The pandemic has significantly accelerated the utilization of telehealth resources. The key value of telehealth over in-person options is that it reduces contact between patients, healthcare workers, and other patients. Telemedicine allows healthcare workers to have immediate information on patient records while they remain at home leading to the success of patient adoption. According to MobiDev Corporation, 71% of patients in the United States considered telemedicine at the beginning of the pandemic, and 50% had already utilized virtual appointments. The pandemic was a significant boost to the industry’s development. This boom in telehealth will reach up to $185.6 billion in the near future.

Trend #2: The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) Many devices and mobile apps are now a key part in tracing and preventing chronic illnesses for patients and their doctors. A modern creation of Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) has surfaced by merging telemedicine and telehealth technologies with IoT development. This method consist of the utilization of a number of wearables, involving ECG and EKG monitors. Practitioners will have countless medical measurements to exploit such as skin temperature, glucose level, and blood pressure readings.

Trend #3: Blockchain Blockchain is a trend that stands to develop the healthcare industry in 2021. Digital ledgers allow healthcare providers to allocate transaction files to patients securely and will significantly develop data protection. Through public-private crucial techniques there is better reliability in the usage of healthcare information. Blockchain is a vital technology that can better deliver these features to help the healthcare industry communicate with patents effectively and remotely.

Healthcare technology will reinvent itself in the years to come and is currently a subject of endless opportunities.


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